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8 YouTube Channels All Food Lovers Should Subscribe To

8 YouTube Channels All Food Lovers Should Subscribe To

Tired of the same old cooking shows? Don’t forget about YouTube

8 YouTube Channels All Food Lovers Should Subscribe To

When you’re tuned to the same cooking shows on television day in and day out, things can start to get a little boring. If you’re looking for somewhere to turn that’s fresh, new, and constantly reinventing itself, you should consider some of the hundreds of cooking channels on YouTube.

Barbecue Pit Boys

These guys really know their way around a barbecue pit and a grill, and they demonstrate their ample talents on their channel every week. Their recipes can be as simple as cranberry honey barbecue sauce, franks and beans, or bacon and cheese potato soup, but they’re not afraid to get a little crazy, too, showing you how to make dishes including bacon burger whiskey shots, whole beef brisket and bacon-crusted spare ribs, and top sirloin roast beef.

Burger Lab

Richard Blais is one of the country’s hottest chefs, between winning Top Chef All-Stars and running three restaurants, including the super popular Flip Burger Boutique, which has four locations. When he’s not cooking burgers, he’s demonstrating how to make some truly inspired ones on YouTube, on a channel that all burger lovers (and food lovers) should check out. The production values are great, and where else can you watch a Top Chef winner make a chicken ‘n’ biscuit ‘n’ mac ‘n’ cheese burger?

Epic Meal Time

“We make your dreams come true… and then we eat them” is the tagline of Epic Meal Time, created by a handful of guys who have dedicated their lives to cracking us up while preparing (from scratch) insanely ridiculous foods like a sushi lasagna cake, a “Big Mac loaf,” Nutella Twinkie cheesecake, and a “couch potato”: an entire couch made of potatoes. Surprisingly, these guys aren’t just fooling around — some real technique actually goes into these dishes, but it’s still one of the funniest channels on all of YouTube.

Mario Batali

Mario Batali is one of the hardest-working and busiest chefs in America, but he still takes the time to post a brief cooking demo, usually hosted by the chef de cuisine at one of his restaurants, every week on his YouTube channel. Videos rarely last longer than two minutes, which means that nothing ever gets too complex, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not worth watching. Instead of making complete dishes, they’ll focus on one aspect of the dish: pan gravy, gnocchi dough, roasted garlic, whipped cream, roux, caramelized onions, brown butter… If you’re looking to nail down the fundamentals, this is the channel to watch.

My Drunk Kitchen

On her show, Hannah Hart, the host of My Drunk Kitchen, gets a little tipsy and attempts to cook some food. And that’s it. It’s charming, occasionally hilarious, and seriously entertaining.

Nicko’s Kitchen

In his four updates per week, Nicko and his friends spend a fair amount of time turning out legitimately sane, delicious-looking dishes, including lamb roast, Filipino beef soup, and spaghetti Bolognese. But the rest of the time? Buckle up, because it’s going to get a little crazy. Dorito chicken nuggets, Cinnamon Toast Crunch macarons, a hot dog-KFC Double Down mashup, churro cake bites, and lots and lots of copycat fast food recipes take it over the edge.

Simple Cooking Channel

The Simple Cooking Channelis just what it sounds like: a place to go to learn to cook simple yet tasty food that’s perfect for beginners. Pizza sauce, rice pudding, chocolate fudge microwave cake, soufflés, hummus, microwave scrambled eggs, a whole bunch of vegan and Paleo dishes… they’re all here, and they’re all really easy to make.

The Squishy Monster

With a new video every Wednesday, The Squishy Monster might have a silly name, but the dishes prepared on the channel are anything but. From scratch-made pizza to dinner rolls to monkey bread to Korean-inspired dishes like sweet stuffed pancakes, kimchi, and cherry mochi cheesecake, this channel will have your kitchen repertoire growing while keeping you seriously entertained.