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Popcorn cake

Popcorn cake

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Top: separate the egg whites from the yolks, whisk the egg whites with 15 lg of sugar (one egg white-a tablespoon of sugar), mix the yolks with 7 lg. sugar. At the end we mix them together and then we put 15 lg flour (an egg = a tablespoon of flour). Everything is put in the oven and left, according to Oana, until it passes the "toothpick test". I used baking paper for the wallpaper.

The cream cheese is made according to Oana's recipe, from the cake-train as if. Whipped cream, everyone knows. :)

Cutting the countertop: I put pictures, as it is understood, I save the long word… :)

I cut with a cup, the petals and a box of sour cream, the "core" of the flower :)

I then put it like this: top / orange juice / sour cream / top / juice / whipped cream / final top / whipped cream that I colored with drops of beetroot juice or drops of carrot juice.

That's about it, I hope you like it!

A coat. colorful and tasty

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Ji Elle

Do you know the movie "From Russia, dear"? Well, I'll paraphrase it and say it from Russia, with taste. And sophistication, because we are talking about a colorful salad, full of flavors. Shuba tells him and is based on fish, mayonnaise and beets. The herring is the star, either marinated or smoked.

The "fur" on the plate, because the Russian skirt is that long cloth coat lined with fur, is actually a specialty that has reached the Romanian cuisine in Ukraine, given the fact that it was first exported to friends in the former Soviet space. So it is easy to understand why it is found especially in Bucovina and at most in Neamț.

Initially, the shuba was prepared for the holidays - New Year's Eve, Christmas - and had three ingredients that could not be missing: herring, mayonnaise and beetroot. The basic recipe includes boiled potatoes, boiled carrots, boiled eggs and finely chopped onions, but may change.

Why do vegetables boil in their skins? Precisely in order not to lose vitamins and minerals, so necessary in the long and frosty Russian winters. And a boil of about 40 minutes is enough, except for the beets that have to boil for an hour. As for the mayonnaise, it can be a simple one, made ad-hoc, from a boiled egg yolk, a teaspoon of mustard, 200 ml of oil and a little lemon juice and rubbed until it binds, or ready bought.

Rule number one - all vegetables are grated. Rule number two - the salad is arranged on plates or oval plates that look as much as possible with fish. Rule number three - after each layer of vegetables put mayonnaise, which acts as a binder. Rule number four - no rush. Although it seems like a simple recipe, it takes a few hours to look good, including standing in the fridge.

So let's get started. Boil the potato and put it on the large grater and place it first. In a well-ventilated and uniform layer. Next is the mayonnaise that makes it compact, then the finely chopped herring and the chopped onion into small cubes. You guessed it, the binder, the mayonnaise, meant to complete the second disc, and the layer of carrots are added through the large grater and ... and mayonnaise. The last layer is the beetroot - it gives the color of purple, like the fur inside the skirt. Beets can be given on the large grater, but it would be preferable on the small one. And it is covered with. exactly: mayonnaise! The decoration, because this salad like a cake must have a special presentation, can consist of egg white and egg yolk, concentric and separate, and a touch of parsley or cinnamon or a carrot popcorn in the center.

The skirt must be kept cold to keep its shape until it is placed on the table. And then, as otherwise, she will be wonderfully accompanied by a glass of the best vodka.

The apple can reach this recipe, in turn given through a grater and sprinkled with a little lemon so as not to oxidize and change its color. At the same time, the potato can come out of the composition.

Whether we are talking about the “recipe for happiness”, ie the classic merdenele with salted cheese or those with meat, these pies of oriental tradition (found in Dobrogea in the form of pie created or appetizing cherdele, tasted together with a glass of ayran or thick sheep's milk yogurt), actually drive the senses crazy.

Merdenelele, the popular pie sheets with various fillings, came to us on the Ottoman pastry chain but also became pieces of resistance for the local one. In time, by metonymy, the name was also assumed by the wooden or metal rod or roll with which the dough was spread in the used pie sheets.

The most popular recipe in this family remains the one shit with cheese.

For the fabulous shit you need the following ingredients:

-dough: 500 gr flour, 250 gr butter, 1 tablespoon vinegar, 1 cup lukewarm water, 1 teaspoon salt

-filling: 500 gr of sheep's milk, 3-4 tablespoons of butter, 2 eggs, cumin (optional).

Method of preparation:

The dough is made from all the ingredients, except the butter. Beat a lot, spread and wrap the piece of butter with the dough. It stretches again. The operation is done 4 times (2 times the dough is gathered in 3 and 2 times in 4). After each stretch, keep in the refrigerator for a quarter of an hour.

Separately, line the trays with baking paper. Then crush the cheese with a fork and add eggs, butter and cumin. Roll out a thin sheet of dough and cut into 12 squares with the side of about 12 cm. Put a teaspoon of cheese in the middle of each square. Fold the squares to get an envelope and squeeze the edges with your fingers. With the teeth of the fork, make a perforated pattern along the edge.

Put the merdenele in the trays, grease the yolks on the edges and leave to cool for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, heat the oven well to 220 ° C. Bake for 15-20 minutes until golden brown. Serve them warm or hot, steaming!

However, the trilogy of these pies of oriental origin cannot be conceived in the absence mushroom crap. The thin sheets of crumbly and crunchy dough hide a tasty filling, which can be thought of in several ways: coarsely chopped mushrooms mixed with telemea, mushrooms with dill or leeks or all these elements together. The end result will be a memorable one, firmly embedded in the affective memory. Turn on the ovens!

For meat dumplings, the filling is made of: 500 gr minced pork, 1 large red onion made into scales, 1 cup of broth, green dill, salt, paprika, nutmeg. The minced meat and onion scales are hardened with a little sunflower oil, then the broth is added and it is left to simmer until the liquid evaporates. The resulting mixture is seasoned with your favorite flavors and spices, then left to "rest" for a quarter of an hour. Then fill the squares with dough like cheese.

We start with the sheets for the countertop, four sheets of cocoa without flour. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat the egg whites sprinkled with salt, then gradually add 125 g of sugar. The yolks are mixed with a pinch of salt and 125 g of sugar. Combine the two compositions and incorporate the cocoa.

In a baking tray lined with baking paper lay a sheet of cake sheet composition 1 cm thick. This will result in four sheets that bake for 15 minutes at 190 degrees. Leave the sheets to cool, then cut them into a 24 cm cake-shaped ring.

For the mascarpone cream, froth the mascarpone with the sugar and a pinch of salt, then mix with the whipped cream.

For the salted caramel cream, caramelize the sugar together with the water until it turns amber. Add the liquid cream and mix well until smooth, then add the butter cut into small pieces and mix again until the cream is smooth. At the end, add salt to taste. Allow the salted caramel cream to cool well before assembling the delicious salted caramel cake.

The cake will be assembled inside the circular shape with which we cut the sheets. Place the first sheet of cocoa at the base and spread 1/4 of the caramel cream over it, then 1/4 of the mascarpone cream. Next is the second sheet with cocoa, and caramel, mascarpone and so on, resulting in four uniform layers of sheets with delicious creams on top.

From the leftover leaves left after cutting, we make small cubes with which we decorate the delicious cake with salted caramel, on top. The result will be an extremely delicious and good-looking cake, which we will refrigerate for at least 2 hours before slicing, so that the layers can be placed well and nicely.

Milk-free cake recipes

Put on your cake and eat it without milk

Nothing says holiday like a cake. From birthday cakes to fruit and cheesecakes, a cake is a dessert created to make any event a little more special, and although the most traditional cake recipes require tons of dairy ingredients, this list contains milk-free recipes. for all types of classic cakes. Browse to find your favorite.

Birthdays are special occasions, which is why a cake is a dessert for such festivities. Choose a milk-free ice cream to eliminate it.

  • Recipe by base for the cake yellow without milk base: This is a great base for a vegan icing day cake. You will be able to decorate it for the occasion.
  • Rich recipe for sweets without chocolate: Started with a ganachevegana, this is just one thing for a chocolate lover's birthday.

Bundt cakes are perfect for noisy people at home. These are impressive desserts that go well with anything from morning coffee to afternoon tea and are so beautiful. Just whip the dough, pour into the pan and melt with a delicious icing after it cools.

Although the most traditional Bundt cakes call for a lot of butter and sometimes cream and milk, here are also some milk-free recipes that will fool even the most devoted gourmand bundt cake:

  • Bacau without berry without cake recipe: This is a kind of banana bread, but in the form of a Bundt cake. You can do it with or without nuts.
  • Vegan and Pea Butter without Maple Butter Bundt Cake Recipe: This cake does not taste as if it lacks anything, although it has no dairy or eggs. It is full of maple and cinnamon flavor and you can ice it with caramelvegan sauce or vegan ganache.

It's true: nothing about a traditional cheesecake contains milk or vegan, from cream cheese to cream to eggs to crusty butter.

For those of us who love cheesecake but can't make dairy because of allergies or dietary preferences, there are ways to make a cheesecake without cheese and without candy:

  • Dog without cowhide without cowhide: Here is the black cloth. You can enjoy this fruit-covered cheesecake, such as blueberry or cherry cheesecake.
  • Chocolate recipe without cheese : This recipe uses almond flour and cream cheese without milk. It only takes a few extra steps.

Who doesn't love a good chocolate cake? Easily, the most popular flavor, chocolate cake is the option to go to the party, because you know it's a lot of fun. Aside from the recipes included above, here are just a few rich, decadent favorites that are convenient without milk:

  • Delicious chocolate cake recipe without milk : Enjoy this recipe made with sour cream without milk and strong coffee. It is a delight that you can cover with icing or ganache.
  • Non-chocolate drinks without chocolate: For gluten-free friends, you can also make this delicacy without milk. It has only six ingredients.
  • Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe: This recipe uses chopped tofu instead of eggs and butter. Make a two-layer cake.

Cupcakes have made a comeback in the culinary world in recent years, and they are now seen in high-end cooking circles, as well as at children's birthday parties and school events. Easy to carry and fun to eat, these milk-free cupcake recipes are great for any occasion that just needs something a little sweet:

  • Easy chocolate-free sweets recipe: Made with coconut milk and soy yogurt, they are wonderful, however, choose to ice them. But try glazing peanut butter.
  • Tomato-free honey drink Velvet Velvet Recipe: These are a fancy choice. They taste like chocolate, but the red color makes them fun.

For milk-free cupcake recipes that are also egg-free, check out this list of 12 favorite cupcake squirrel recipes.

Carrots, spice cakes and coffee cakes are wonderful all year round and especially during autumn and spring. Cakes and coffee cakes are wonderful additions to tea hours and the holidays in the fall months and no spring or Easter holiday is complete without a layered carrot cake. These recipes are sure to please:

  • Cake recipe without cakes: This vegan recipe includes flax seeds. It has all the autumn spices you could want.
  • Milkless Carrot Cake Recipe: Create a layered carrot cake with delicious icing between each layer. No fancy ingredients are needed other than nondairy rice milk.

Great for weddings, birthdays, showers, everyday cakes and yellow cakes are bright and fun and are easy to decorate any way you want! Here are some favorites for dairy products:

  • Preparations for the care of food cakes without fertilizers: This classic is naturally milk-free and low in fat. You can also turn the recipe into cupcakes.
  • Lemon cake without milk recipe: It is glorious what the juice and zest of a lemon can do in this basic cake.
  • Milk-free white cake recipe: If you leave the egg yolks, you can have a nice white cake. Here's how to make it milk-free (but not vegan).

While baking without milk can be a challenge for many new bakers, baking without eggs for a dairy-free diet and eggs is an added challenge, but that doesn't mean there aren't many ways to make vegan delicious cakes!

Apart from the ones listed above, here are just a few examples of tasty creations of dairy products without egg milk, that everyone will love: vegan or not:

  • Vegan King Cake Recipe: Enjoy this for Mardi Gras or at any time. It's a yeast cake, so you have to let it rise.
  • Vegan Yellow Cake Recipe: Unlike egg yolks used in most yellow cake, here you will use egg substitute. It also requires soy-free sour cream and coconut milk.

Similar recipes:

Orange cake with brandy

Orange cake with brandy with dark dark chocolate top, garnished with whipped cream with white chocolate

Burnt sugar cream with oranges

Burnt sugar cream with oranges, prepared with 8 eggs, milk, vanillin and oranges

Panna cotta with orange jelly

Recipe for panna cotta cake with orange jelly and milk chocolate, flavored with rum essence

Chocolate pudding with an orange intr.

Chocolate pudding with a whole orange, a pudding that gives you a wonderful surprise in the middle of it, when you slice it. The orange peel will be like a jam, and its strong flavor will match the sweetness of the chocolate.

Cozonac with oranges and blueberries

Cozonac prepared with oranges, dried orange peels, blueberries and prunes and almond flakes

Talking to Kera Calița from Jariștea and rummaging through her gastronomic library, we find out that, after eighteenth-century France, Parmentier tirelessly campaigned for the introduction of New World potatoes into the daily menu of the people, starting with the twentieth century. Tasty 19th century potatoes they have become not only a widespread ingredient but also a source of inspiration for the great French chefs. That is why, not coincidentally, the phrase "French potatoes" has spread rapidly around the world.

So what are the celebrities French fries, which some consider just a trivial garnish for many steaks and call them with a strange contempt "some french fries and nothing more"? Let's just think about the international career they had: already, in 1802, Thomas Jefferson was serving his guests at an official dinner held at the White House "French-style french fries" (the menu stated in French "Raw fried potatoes, in small slicesOriginally, however, this dish has been quoted since 1629 by a Spanish monk, in full missionary action in Chile. From the Andes, where there are about 2,000 types of potatoes, potatoes have crossed the Atlantic on The Old Continent, in the Iberian Peninsula, then, as Spain owned the Netherlands, they reached the Flemings around 1680, from them to the Walloons, after which they crossed the border into the Hexagon, where they began to be prepared in the same way. .

If they were cut thin at length, in the form of matches, then they were boiled a little in salted water, after which they were fried in an oil bath, they came out fries. If, however, they were boiled a little more, flavors were added, then, when the water decreased, they were filled with milk, and when the potatoes were half-crushed they were passed with butter, we could talk about puree. Then, from this puree, small balls could be made, baptized with nutmeg, beaten egg yolk and cream before being kneaded, which could be fried or baked to obtain duchess. For a more special shape, they could be modeled by hand or put the composition in a spray, from which a skilled cook squeezed a poppy seed puree, before gilding it with or without hot oil.

In different regions of France are made all kinds of purees and other delicious dishes based on potatoes and combinations thereof. For example, aligot, a rural specialty originating in Aubrac (Aveyron, Cantal and Lozère), which spread in the last quarter of the nineteenth century in the rest of the Massif Central, then became popular especially through the exodus of coal traders (the bougnats) to Paris. This puree takes its name from the cheese metonymy tome d’Aligot (fermented white cheese, but unsalted and unripe), with which the boiled potatoes are mixed with cream, butter and a clove of finely chopped garlic, to obtain an elastic texture, similar to that of raclette. But the aligot not to be confused with at truffle, a traditional dish from Cantal, the neighboring mountain area, for which the potatoes are first steamed and then partnered, in addition to butter, cream, garlic and grated cheese, and with the pork chops.

In Alsace, potatoes are made baeckoeffe (or four de boulanger, because it is often prepared in the big bakery oven), a kind of filling stew, in which, in addition to the delicious tubers, there are also pieces of meat and vegetables, all cooked for a long time together with spices and white wine . In the Ardennes (the Ardennes countryside), especially in the Meuse valley, is made bayenne or baienne, from boiled potatoes, fried onions and generous pieces of ham.

In Picardy (lin Ponthieu), we prefer, however, steak, a round peasant pudding, made of potatoes, onions and fatty pork, with a golden crust of beaten egg. In the kitchens of the Arve and Arly mountain valleys, we find farcement, a similar recipe, but enriched with prunes and raisins, so it can be served as a dessert at Sunday table. In the villages of the Corréze department (near Limoges), a stuffing is made, a kind of bun the size of a fox's head, made from grated raw potatoes, mixed with millet flour, chopped garlic, salt, pepper and parsley, cooked in a bain marie. The wealthy peasants also put a round piece of sausage in the middle of the bun.

Farinade is a omelette with potatoes and cheese, thickened with flour, from Auvergne, and ganefles they are made in Alpe d’Huez and Deux Alpes, from grated potatoes, pan-fried with cheese and beaten eggs, at the end being rolled a little and in breadcrumbs with hot butter. Perhaps, however, the most famous French baked potato recipes are those involving classic gratin. A version of gratinated potatoes like in Grenoble is the famous pudding dauphinoise.

For this, it is required to heat the oven well before the weather. Meanwhile, grease a pan with butter. Separately, wash, peel and cut the potatoes into round and fairly thin slices. In a bowl, next to it, mix sour cream with milk, crushed garlic and your favorite spices, which, again, can not miss the nutmeg. This composition is poured over the slices of potatoes placed in several layers superimposed in a casserole or tray. For a fabulous crust, top with plenty of smoked cheese. This pudding dauphinoise of au gratin potatoes, in which some also add diced chicken breast or quarters of mushrooms (morelles), can be served hot with a cup of cream poured on it, but can be tasty and cold the next day.

Another classic pudding recipe, found especially in mountainous areas, where the soul is in great need of heat at winter time is Savoyard tartiflette (caressed and chubby), which is necessarily made with Reblochon cheese, yellow-orange, with a noble white mold crust. The potatoes are baked in a ceramic bowl together with this raw and whole cow's milk cheese, with lightly pressed and uncooked pasta - which is also made in the departments of Savoie and Haute-Savoie, onion (shallots), smoked ham and white wine.

The proportions are 1 - 1.2 kg of boiled potatoes and then sliced ​​round, 200 grams of smoked cubes, 2 large chopped red onions diced about a quarter of a finger, 2 cloves of finely chopped garlic - all three of these ingredients being pulled together at pan until translucent, 500 grams of creamy Reblochon cut into cubes and melting the mixture from the pan poured over the potatoes, 6 -7 tablespoons of greasy cream topping the Alpine gastronomic architecture, salt and black pepper to taste, and butter to grease the tray before to pour in it the tasty composition, which connoisseurs say is amazing when it is taken hot out of the oven and brought to the table with various pickles, among which can not miss pickles cucumbers and chives.

A recipe fine, creation of a famous pastime of the late nineteenth century is Apples Anna, a casserole of thinly sliced ​​potatoes and mashed in butter, from which turrets are made which are wrapped in parchment foil and put in the oven over a low heat. The patent for this dish, dated 1870, is attributed to Adolphe Dugléré, one of the brilliant disciples of the great Lent. He was the chef of the Parisian restaurant Café Anglais, and the name of this treat was given in honor of a famous courtesan of the time, Anna Deslions (mistress of the cousin of Emperor Napoleon III and one of those famous The Insubordinates, women "not subject" to any constraint of morals), with whom the culinary artist was hopelessly in love. … How many old French recipes based on potatoes, so many love stories - the sacred love of gastronomy First of all, because the kitchen has always been a sanctuary in the magical Hexagon, full of flavors!

Spiral cake with chocolate cream

It is worth preparing such spiral cake with chocolate cream for a special occasion, anniversary, or celebration.

It looks very nice in the section, so in the form of a spiral, but it is also very tasty. Even if it seems laborious, it is not at all difficult to prepare.

I received the recipe for this cake from our friend Maria Bichis. We have on the blog a section Recipes of all kinds from friends where we upload the received recipes. Maria Bichis is among the loyal fans of our blog and shares with us her culinary experiences. This time he sent us a wonderful spiral cake with a delicious chocolate cream. Thank you, Maria, for the recipe and for being our friend for years! Thank you, especially, for testing our recipes and sharing them with others!

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