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Calf stew

Calf stew

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I cut the meat into thicker slices, put a little oil and seasoned them with chicken barbeque.

I left the meat in the fridge overnight.

I cut the onion into small pieces, the carrots into rounds and I hardened them in oil.

I used a lot of onions because I think onions and carrots give that good taste to this dish.

After the onion and carrot have softened a little, I put the hot paprika and the meat.

I fried a little more then I added the hot pepper, a little salt, pepper and the Hot & Spicy spice.

I covered it with water and let it boil.

When the meat was almost cooked, I added the minced garlic and tomato juice.

At the end I put a spoonful of cream and greens.

Because onions and carrots taste sweet, I made up for it with hot peppers and pepper.

Simple and very good!

Good appetite !!!

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